We Share the love of Christ by providing practical poverty relief and support to the people of Nepal who are in need.

We work with an amazing team of local pastors who travel to remote areas across Nepal. This allows us to meet the needs of people where they are at, with great care taken to love and treat them well.

We assist in a variety of areas, including education, healthcare, water projects, orphan & family support, building projects, church & pastor support and disaster relief.

We Believe visiting Nepal and working directly with the Nepalese people to improve their lives is life-changing and extremely worthwhile. We encourage you to consider travelling with us and having this heart-moving, momentous experience for yourself!

We follow the lead of the Nepalese People, which means we respect their culture, and we learn from them. When completing a building project, everything from the design to the contruction of the building is done by skilled Nepalese People.

We are a registered charitable trust

We manage all financial support very carefully. Currently 5% of all money given goes into administration and fundraising. 95% of funds donated to Hope & Joy Ministries reach our project in Nepal, making a difference in the lives of those in need.