Hundreds of thousand of families across Nepal do not have access to basic necessities. There may not be schools in their area, medicine can be scarce and children can go hungry. A lack of basic day-to-day items can keep some in a cycle of poverty, which can feel unescapable.

But we can change that! With your help, we can bring the hope of a brighter future to thousands of families!

By participating in the Hope and Joy Ministries Annual Readathon, you will have a fun and easy way to raise money that will help poverty relief projects in Nepal.

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So get a big pile of books ready, a few snacks,a drink,
then find a cosy spot, and read read read!

Sponsors (who you will collect between now and the end of the readathon) will pay you for each book, at your own level, that you read. So have fun and read lots!

The money you raise will pay for poverty relief projects in Nepal.

These families are doing the best they can, but really need support, as they lack the very basics that most have access to around the world.

Your efforts will impact families in Nepal. You will be helping them to receive a assistance where it is needed, such as health, education and daily necessities.

If you are keen to make an important difference to the livelihood of Nepalese families, please click below to register!

You will receive an 2020 Lockdown Readathon pack; containing an information sheet, Sponsorship Collection form and a Record of Reading sheet.

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Register today, so you can begin collecting your sponsors,
and be on way to helping poverty relief in Nepal.