Sarah's son Caleb required emergency surgery to treat otomastoiditis, an infection that had gathered deep in his ear, and was damaging his mastoid bone causing him hearing loss. It also carried the risk of meningitis, and can be life-threatening.

We understood the urgency of his need, and as well as praying for his health, Hope and Joy Ministries funded his operation.

This is what Caleb's mother Sarah had to say:

"(To receive this support) was a wonderful blessing. We never expect that, but our prayer was to the Lord, for our help. Because it was big money, and God is so good. He comes through you, and helps us.

We feel so happy that the Lord answered our prayer, and we feel that he is with us. We are so thankful to you for standing with us.

We worried before because the doctor told us the infection could touch his brain and it had already touched the bones of his ear, so we were scared. So we prayed for the operation.

And now he is okay. No problem so we are happy."

Caleb is now healthy, and his hearing has returned to 95% in his affected ear, which is great! He is doing extremely well in school, coming top in his class in his recent exams. We are so pleased to have been able to help Caleb, and that he is now thriving and enjoying life!