Our title may seem bold, but Goman and Kaushila are reallly a very inspirational couple! They have given their lives towards serving the Lord and serving people.

They put their dreams of caring for orphans, and education the poor into action, by selling their own property to fund the beginning of their school. Years have past and they now have a large school that caters for nearly 100 children, and they have 10 orphans in their care, who are growing up to wonderful young adults.

The school is very special in their town, as it is a free school. This allows parents who cannot afford to pay for schooling in regular government schools, to still access quality education for their children. Goman and Kaushila believe that by providing them with this education, it will give the children opportunities in the future to be free from poverty. This will in turn have a positive effect on the health and well-being of their families, and their communities.

They care for the spiritual growth of all people, and together they have also planted 40 churches, 15 of which they currently oversee and care for. They often travel great distances on very difficult roads and trails to reach villagers who live in very remote areas, and they do so with joy in their hearts.

Goman has been instrumental in delivering disaster relief to the Nepalese people who were affected by the recent floods that demolished parts of Gulariya. He worked with a team of pastors to purchase essential items including, sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets, food, and water, and together they journeyed for hours with these items and delivered them to those in need, who gratefully received them.

Together Goman and Kaushila have a dream to purpose-build an orphanage, and add more rooms to their school. They see the needs within their town for these facilities, and together with Hope and Joy Ministries, and the support from people who partner with us, we hope to make that a reality!