Located in West Nepal is the district of Surkhet. It boasts a moderately busy city, that has a general hospital, a university, and a population of approximately 400 000 people.

We have been supporting New Vision Academy, in Birendranagar, Surkhet, through the development of additional classrooms to their existing school. We partnered with them, as we could see they had so many children, not enough classrooms, and no furniture, and were on the brink of being closed down by the council, for those reasons.

It was easy to understand the hearts of Goman and Kaushila (the principal and his wife), as they demonstrated great love for the children, and really knew the needs of their community. They saw families on a regular basis, who were desperate for an education for their children, but had no means to pay for public school. This lead them to sell their own home, and set up their school, one that does not have compulsory fees and uniforms for the students. This opened up great freedom and hope in the community, as the Nepali people recognise the great value education has, in providing a way for children, and their families, to get out of poverty.

On our February 2018 team trip, we stayed at the school for 10 days, and worked together painting the inside of our new classrooms (5 rooms have been built), as well as the inside of the existing classrooms. We also laid carpet and underlay in our preschool room, replaced the broken water pump, installed lighting, built a new drainage system, and organised for whiteboards and pinboards to be made.

A highlight was the opening day of the preschool room! 30 under three year olds were brought into their new room filled with trains, cars, puzzles, a slide, rockers, a mini trampoline and more! The children hadn't seen toys like this before, and didn't understand what to do with them, so after 30 minutes of showing them how they all worked, they really had the hang of it, and were thoroughly enjoying themselves!