In a very remote area of southern Nepal are the vast and dry that contain a spread out village called Bandarjhullah. The people in this area are known to be some of the poorest people in the world.

When our team travelled there in February 2018, we saw first hand just how little these people had, and how truly difficult life was for them.

These beautiful people live in a very isolated area that took us 7 hours driving through a jungle to reach. They live in very poor shacks, and struggle daily to find food and water. Their main food was a root that they need to dig for, but it is very bitter and tastes quite bad. We walked for miles, and during that time came across two water sources. The first was a clear stream that was poisonous to drink due to the high lime content. The second was a very small watering hole that was very brown and muddy. This water was the main water source for well over 100 people, including the 95 children in the school, their teacher, and their families. This water was giving them stomach and liver problems, and is a major risk for disease, which is why we knew that this area was one that Hope and Joy Ministries needed to be involved in and immediately.

So through the donations we have gratefully recieved, we have been able to build 3 water pumps in Bandarjhullah! It was incredible to feel the clean and fresh water coming from the newly installed pumps, and to know that we have helped to bring something so necessary to the beautiful people in this area.

One of the biggest benefits is that they will be able to irrigate their land, which will mean they will be able to grow crops, and avoid famine. This is something they have really struggled with in the past. To have the hope of food security brings these families such relief.

We still need to install many more water pumps in Bandarjhullah. The cost is $1000 NZD per pump. If you wish to donate to this extremely important project, please go to our Donate page, and click the link. Thank you! Your generosity changes lives!