Winter in Nepal can be bitterly cold, and they feel it so much more that we do in developed countries, due to their very simple building methods, no insulation, no indoor heating, and lack of clothing and bedding.

This winter, Hope and Joy Ministries purchased new blankets and in conjunction with a pastor in Bardiya, Western Nepal, these blankets were handed out to families in need. These are people who live in very basic houses, located in a small village, that has the jungle in it's backyard. They are living in poverty levels so low that purchasing a blanket would be extremely difficult to do. For them, it is a daily struggle just to ensure they have enough food.

It broke my heart that their are families who cannot even have such simple things. Things that we would say are a necessity, yet they still don't have them. It feels so good to meet these practical needs, to give them love, and the realisation that people on the other side of the world know about them, and are actively trying to make a difference to help them not live a life that is so hard.

We would like to say a big thank you to those who are supporting us, to those who are also passionate about helping people with the resources we have. We do make a important difference in the lives of the Nepalese people, and seeing the relief on their faces is a tremendous reward! Thank you all for helping us to make this happen!